Hi, I am Candy

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at my web page.

Something about me huh? That's a little tough. I work, A LOT! Now that my babies are all grown up and adulting, I have to find things to stay busy.

I love music. I mean LOVE music. I take dancing and singing to a song any day over a TV. I do have a TV...it's more for looks. If you took the TV out of my house, I would be ok with that as long as I have my iTunes and Pandora, I'm good.

I really enjoy traveling. I don't mind "planned" vacations, but getting in the car with no destination in mind is what I love the most. Traveling the roads less traveled and making tons of stops to capture the details along the way. I love the sand & beach, but mountains and rivers will always have my heart. My goal is to be a destination photographer. (keep me in mind)

And I love to take pictures. On my camera, on my cell...it doesn't matter to me. I love capturing what my eyes see, families, animals, landscapes, I love it all. I love seeing my visions come to life. I enjoy hanging out with people and learning about them as I capture those memories. And my heart is complete when I can make someone smile. To relive that moment. That moment that will never come again. To feel emotion. To freeze time. Think about it, I have the ability to capture a moment that generations from now, your family will be looking at...how freaking cool and amazing is that?

I'm not a professional by no means. I started this to help someone out, and well, it just grew from there. Besides, "professional" to me sounds too, I don't know, grown up. YIKES!

I have been blessed with some really amazing people in my life that have supported me on this journey and to them I will forever be grateful. (and to set your mind at ease, I have done schooling and continued education...don't panic)

I'm a little laid back and a like to laugh). To me, life is too short to be stuffy all the time. Smile a little, smile a lot...the world is tough enough already. Enjoy the moments as they happen. And laugh...laugh a lot, until your belly hurts or you pee your pants. You're gonna get wrinkles anyways, so it might as well be from smiles and laughter.

So if you've made it this far..Thank You.

This is me..nothing fancy, just a girl with a camera always willing to try anything once...except liver or gizzards.


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Candy has done my maternity, breastfeeding and Boudoir photos and has done an amazing job. She takes her time to get the perfect picture. She is fun and easy to be around so it makes the session more comfortable for you and her. Highly recommend! Oh and the photos turn out flawless"